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ATA Carbide Burrs

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55% Off ATA Tool Carbide Burrs

ATA Tools SM-42 15700-TIN ATA Tools SC-42 D/C Carbide 12275

ATA Carbide Burr Features:

  • High Quality manufacture reducing the risk of breakage.
  • Tight Tolerance providing excellent tool life and high value.
  • Wide variety of shapes and sizes offering the best tool for the job.
  • PVD coated burs improve tool life over uncoated.
  • All ATA Carbide burs included in promotion.
Item No. Burr ID Shape Dimensions Price
10650 SA-43 S/C Cylinder 1/8D X 9/16LOC X 1/8SH $4.98
11778 SC-3 D/C Cylinder R/E 3/8D X 3/4LOC X 1/4SH $13.29
11878 SC-5 D/C Cylinder R/E 1/2D X 1"LOC X 1/4SH $20.91
12275 SC-42 S/C Cylinder R/E 1/8D X 9/16LOC X 1/8SH $4.98
12803 SD-42 S/C Ball 1/8D X 1/8LOC X 1/8SH $4.98
15228 SL-3 D/C Taper 14° 3/8D X 1-1/16LOC X 1/4SH $16.60
15700 SM-42 S/C Cone 14° 1/8D X 7/16LOC X 1/8SH $4.98
15700-TIN SM-42 S/C TIN Cone 14° 1/8D X 7/16LOC X 1/8SH $5.30
15703 SM-42 D/C Cone 14° 1/8D X 7/16LOC X 1/8SH $4.98
15728 SM-43 D/C Cone 7° 1/8D X 5/8LOC X 1/8SH $4.98
Promo ends 4/03/2021