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  • Inexpensive: Use your wireless connection for the price of a cable. Purchasing a USB receiver stick (i-Stick) for your computer allows you to operate up to eight measuring devices simultaneously and saves you the additional cost of a connecting cable.
  • Uncluttered: Keep track! The absence of various cables allows you to keep your workplace tidy and free from clutter.
  • ID transmission: For quick assignment: The serial and order number are read out by the measuring instrument and saved in the measuring record.
  • Integrated transmitter: Eliminate risks such as cable breaks or wear and tear. These types of hazard are now a thing of the past with integrated wireless technology.
  • Reliable: The wireless measuring devices with an integrated transmitter provide visual feedback that data is being transferred correctly, as well as an error message if the connection is lost.
  • Maximum mobility: Measure autonomously and without limits. Thanks to their wireless, compact system Mahr measuring instruments allow precise measuring – even in the machine or on difficult to reach workpieces.
  • Free software: Enjoy the benefits of MarCom Professional 5.3 interface software and transfer measuring data individually and conveniently to your Windows applications or CAQ software.

Mahr Micrometer, Range: 0 - 25 Mm /0 - 1 In, Resolution: 0.001 Mm / 0.0005 In



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Mahr Caliper, Range: 0 - 150 Mm / 0 - 6 In, Resolution: 0.01 Mm /0.0005 In



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Mahr Indicator, Range: 12.5 Mm / 0.5 In, Resolution: 0.0005 Mm / 0.000020 In



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Mahr Istick



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