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50% Off Stubby Double, Balldriver & ClickDriver Sets

Bondhus Balldriver Features:

  • Entry angle up to 25 degrees.
  • The original Balldriver L-wrench saves time in hard to reach and blind locations.
  • Bondhus proprietary Protanium steel is up to 20-Percent stronger than competitor tools.
  • ProGuard Finish is 5 times more effective than the next leading brand in preventing rust.
  • Made in the USA.
  • All Bondhus® products are guaranteed for life. If you are not happy with a Bondhus® tool - for any reason - simply return it. A replacement will be shipped at no cost - no hassles, no questions asked!
  • English and Metric - 22 Piece .050 - 3/8 Inch and 1.50MM to 10.00MM.

BON 20199


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Stubby Double Ball-End L-Wrenches

  • Exclusive MaxTorque Ball End on short arm
    • allows access to screw heads located in tight spaces straight-in or at an angle
    • delivers 50% more torque than conventional ball ends
    • inserts into screw and works at a 15° angle
  • Standard Bondhus ball end on long arm inserts into screw and works at a 25° angle
  • Extra long length provides for greater torque

Stubby Double Metric 9 piece L-Wrench Balldriver Set, 1.5-10MM, Proguard Finish
$12.44 $24.87

BON 67099

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Stubby Double Standard 13 piece L-Wrench Balldriver Set, 1/2-3/8", Proguard Finish
$15.36 $30.71

BON 67037

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ClickSet™ Torx® & Torx Plus® Screwdrivers

starting at $14.22

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Bondhus ClickSet Torx Torque-Limiting Screwdriver Features:

  • Wide range of factory preset torque limiting handles – no adjustment needed.
  • When the preset torque level is reached, the mechanism slips and makes an audible "click".
  • Protects from overtorquing.
  • Reduces fastener wear and stripping.
  • Reduces potential damage to carbide inserts.
  • ±10% repeatability.
  • Factory preset torque value.
  • Blades fit both Torx® and Torx Plus® fasteners.

Torx Screwdrivers

Order No Description Torque Measurement
50004 T5 Torx T6 Blade & Handle Set 4.4IN-LB/0.5NM
50005 T6 Torx T6 Blade & Handle Set 5.3IN-LB/0.6NM
50008 T7 Torx T7 Blade & Handle Set 8.0IN-LB/0.9NM
50010 T8 Torx T8 Blade & Handle Set 10.6IN-LB/1.2NM
50012 T9 Torx T9 Blade & Handle Set 12.4IN-LB/1.4NM
50017 T10 Torx T10 Blade & Handle Set 22.0IN-LB/2.5NM
50026 T15 Torx T15 Blade & Handle Set 31.0IN-LB/3.5NM

Torx Plus® Screwdrivers

Order No Description Torque Measurement
50054 T5 Torx Plus IP6 Blade & Handle Set 5.3IN-LB/0.6NM
50055 T6 Torx Plus IP6 Blade & Handle Set 5.3IN-LB/0.6NM
50058 T7 Torx Plus IP7 Blade & Handle Set 8.0IN-LB/0.9NM
50060 T8 Torx Plus IP8 Blade & Handle Set 10.6IN-LB/1.2NM
50062 T9 Torx Plus IP9 Blade & Handle Set 12.4IN-LB/1.4NM
50067 T10 Torx Plus IP10 Blade & Handle Set 22.0IN-LB/2.5NM
50076 T15 Torx Plus IP15 Blade & Handle Set 31.0IN-LB/3.5NM
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