Lenox Saw

Welded Band Saw Blades Sale

Welded Blades Features:

  • LENOX bi-metal blades combine high-speed steel tooth tips with flexible alloy steel backing materials for metal-sawing applications. LENOX carbon blades provide straighter, easier cuts on vertical contour saws and small cut-off saws.
  • LENOX bi-metal blades are constructed out of M42 tool steel which contains Cobalt, while blades like the Neo-Type are constructed from heat-treated carbon.
  • LENOX bi-metal blades, like the Classic, Contestor, Diemaster 2, QXP and RX+, are designed to handle up to 30,000 PSI of tension.
Blade Guides Type Min Stock Width Max Stock Width Code
Lenox Classic Blades Classic -
3/4 x .035 1-1/2 x .050 LWX Classic
Lenox Contestor Blades Contestor -
Difficult Materials
1IN x .035 1-1/2 x .050 LWX Contestor
Lenox Diemaster Blades Diemaster 2 -
Contour Cutting
3/8 x .025 1/2 x .035 LWX Diemaster
Lenox Neo Blades Neo Type -
Vertical Contour Saws
1/4 x .025 1/2 x .025 LWX Neo
Lenox QXP Blades QXP/LXP -
Solids of Mild or Moderate Machinability
3/4 x .035 1-1/2 x .050 LWX LXP_QXP
Lenox RX+ Blades RX+ -
Structural, tubing and bundles
5/8 x .032 1-1/2 x .050 LWX RX+

Promo ends 1/31/2020