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GT 500 Series Drills

The GT 500 drill incorporates a 130º point angle with a GN-B web thin for improved cutting edge strength. Combined with a wear resistant powdered metal cobalt substrate, the GT 500 flute profile is well suited for common steel, alloyed heated steel and stainless steel applications as well as cast iron.

PM Cobalt, stub length, 130° cone-relief point, Special GN Type B web thinned, standard straight shank, RH helix

GT 500 Series Features

  • PM Co-alloyed high speed steel
  • Especially high rigidity
  • Especially high wear resistance
  • Coolant: without
  • Material: Powdered Metal Cobalt
  • Surface: FIREX
  • Point Angle: 130º cone-relief point
  • Shank: Straight
  • Cut Dir.: right hand helix
  • Tolerance: h8
  • Dia. Range: 1.000 - 14.290

515 Series Drills

Guhring 515 Series Drill

515 Drill Features

  • Standard: DIN 1897
  • Type: GT 500
  • Depth/Length: 3xD Stub
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530 Series Drills

Guhring 530 Series Drill

530 Drill Features

  • Standard: DIN 338
  • Type: GT 500 DZ
  • Depth/Length: 5xD
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