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Iscar HelIQ Mill 390 Indexable Milling Cutter Kits


  • Cutter & Inserts
  • Rigid body design
  • True 90 degree angle
  • .512 max DOC on 15mm IC
  • .315 max DOC on 10mm IC
  • Stronger insert geometry
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Efficient milling during ramping down
  • Wiper flat for improved surface finish
  • Mills shoulders, slots and plane surfaces
  • Reduced cutting forces due to positive rake
  • Free cutting for improved finish and longer tool life
  • Wide variety of materials including aluminum, steel & stainless, titanium and nickel alloys
  • Coolant holes directed to each edge

Indexable End Mill Kits (comes with 10 inserts)

Kit ID Inserts End Mill Price
3106999-KIT Stainless Steel 1" 3-Flute $299.00
3106631-KIT Stainless Steel 1.25" 4-Flute $327.00
3106633-KIT Stainless Steel 1.5" 5-Flute $329.50
3106999-ALU-KIT Aluminum 1" 3-Flute $299.00
3106631-ALU-KIT Aluminum 1.25" 4-Flute $327.00
3106633-ALU-KIT Aluminum 1.5" 5-Flute $329.50

Indexable Milling Cutter Kits (comes with 20 inserts)

Kit ID Inserts End Mill Price
3106804-KIT Stainless Steel 2" 5-Flute $592.50
3106806-KIT Stainless Steel 3" 7-Flute $670.00
3106804-ALU-KIT Aluminum 2" 5-Flute $592.50
3106806-ALU-KIT Aluminum 3" 7-Flute $670.00
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