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Basic Diamond 5" 16CFM 90PSI Samurai Air Polisher

Western Tool is proud to offer an amazing new water polisher.

It is precision manufactured in Japan and brings the next level of durability and quality to your shop.

The bottom line is:

Bigger Motor = MORE POWER!



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Diamax Ultra Silent Blade w/ Hub


  • Designed for use on sintered stone & porcelain panels
  • New bond & diamond concentration make cuts fast & chip free
  • New reinforced core allows for stable miter cuts
ID Size Price
CUSB14 14" $147.00
CUSB16 16" $187.00

Surface Renu Pro Grade System

Simplified 3-step grinding/polishing process that removes scratches or etching damage of all sizes quickly without discernible distortion.

GRU 108-2000


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Diamax 4" Flat Resin Diamond Cup heel

For use on engineered stone, granite, quartzite, ultra-compact surfaces

ID Grade Price
CFRCW40 Coarse $61.80
CFRCW4F Fine $61.80
CFRCW4M Medium $61.80
Promo ends 2/29/2020